Take to the Sky!
We proudly use the Cessna Skyhawk for sightseeing flights.  Over 40 thousand have been manufactured since 1956 and it is still in production.   It has been flown by thousands of pilots as a primary trainer over the past 50 years.  Now you can enjoy the sights of Larnaca - Mc'Kenzie and Paphos beaches from a birds-eye view (1,000 feet above the beach) in this popular general aviation aircraft.

A sightseeing flight is a fun way to experience general aviation for the first time.  Great activity for honeymooners, tourists or a memorable first date or anniversary.  It's a lot more exciting than a movie or evening of bowling.  Flights are available anytime except during inclement weather or fog.  It also makes a great gift for a high school graduate or birthdays.

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